Celebrate Learning! Fall 2015 (Vol 7, issue 1) - Page 2

Table of Contents Fall 2015  Do you want to recognize amazing talents in teaching?  Engaging the Digital Native 3 We Welcome You to Share Your Story! An Interview with Dewayne Dickens 4-5 6 Stayonference 2015: Learning & Sharing 7 Oklahoma Engagement Professional of the Year Award: Lindsay White 8 Who and What: Assessment at TCC Faculty Assessment Facilitators 9 Recognizing Peers: 2015 Awards for Teaching Excellence 10-11 Creating Engaging Learning Environments for Students Would you like to publish an article in our next issue? E-mail us at CelebrateLearning@tulsacc.edu Celebrate Learning! Supported by the Office of Academic Affairs Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer for Academic Affairs Dr. Cynthia Hess, Cynthia. Hess@tulsacc.edu The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Faculty Director of CELT Dorothy Minor, Dorothy.Minor@tulsacc.edu Faculty & Assistants 12-14 A Formal Introduction to RefME 15-16 Recognizing Peers: 2015 Awards for Teaching Excellence ...continued 17-18 19 Oklahoma Research Day 20 Faculty Event Preview West Campus Coordinator Stephanie Youngblood, Stephanie.Youngblood@tulsacc.edu Metro Campus Coordinator Dr. Patrick Idwasi, Patrick.Idwasi@tulsacc.edu Southeast Campus Coordinator Julie Luscomb, Julie.Luscomb@tulsacc.edu Northeast Campus Coordinator Steve St. John, Steve.StJohn@tulsacc.edu CELT Assistant Stephanie Correa-Gomez, Stephanie.Correa-Gomez@tulsacc.edu Design Coordinator Elizabeth Childress, Elizabeth.White14@tulsacc.edu 2