Celebrate Learning! Fall 2015 (Vol 7, issue 1) - Page 14

Pictured: Students working on group assignments in the NEC Library Think Tank. tive tools, students have access to kinetic learning toys like stress balls, Slinkys, and Rubik’s Cubes. These can help increase focus for learners that need something physically in their hands while they are studying. Advanced coloring sheets and colored pencils are another popular feature of the space. Since the beginning of the semester the room has been booked over 115 times for everything from physiology projects, to club meetings, to accounting labs, to Skype sessions, to Focus on Friday events. Students have taken ownership of the space and feel comfortable coming in and setting up the learning environment that will work for them. Students, faculty or staff in groups of three or more can reserve the space anytime through the TCC Library homepage http://library.tulsacc.edu. The success of the Think Tank has jumpstarted transformation in the Northeast Library. A partial remodel in August added more collaborative spaces and furniture. These changes coupled with new signage and new services have helped the library rebuild its place as a core support service for the Northeast Campus community. Pictured: Students working on group solving calculations on newly installed White Board Walls. 14