Celebrate Learning! Fall 2015 (Vol 7, issue 1) - Page 13

Before and After Photo of the Northeast Campus Think Tank Collaborative Study Room. http://library.tulsacc.edu By: Emily Tichenor, library staff strongly disagreed with! Library Director Students who spend time studying in the library are more likely to become familiar with library resources and to seek assistance from staff when they need it. With this in mind, library staff made a dramatic decision. Instead of using remaining budget funds on small fixes throughout the library, they choose to fully transform one area into a unique student group space with all new technology and tools. To goal was to create an engaging 21st Century learning environment that students could have complete ownership and control of. Northeast Campus It has been said that an empty room is a story waiting to be told. In early 2015, the Northeast Campus Library transformed an empty room into a vibrant, connected space where stories are not only told, but are inspired. After months of renovation, the Think Tank collaboration room opened in July 2015. The Think Tank is a unique meeting space that is designed to support creativity, brainstorming, and out of the box thinking: A place where students can connect while building a sense of community. The Think Tank features fully mobile furniture that can be configured into a variety of layouts. Furniture is colorful, lightweight and built for ultimate task flexibility. Students using the space are encouraged to move things around and setup the space however is best for their group. The room is also equipped with a floor to ceiling white board wall and 18 individual white board tablets. Students can brainstorm, work out calculations, draft designs or even play games using these tools. The Think Tank also has an interactive EPSON BrightLink 585Wi projector. Students can connect to the projector with their mobile devices, laptops or the room PC to present or work on assignments. Apple TV and a webcam are soon to be added to the Think Tank to allow even more connectivity. Steelcase Thread power syst