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www.anneparkerphotography.co.uk A Register Office marriage does not have to be the simple ceremony it once was. Our ceremony room is attractively furnished and decorated. The options available enable you to choose a ceremony ranging from a simple affair with just two witnesses, to the inclusion of bridesmaids, the bride being ‘given away’ and with music and readings of your choice. For music and readings the law requires that there be no religious content in the civil ceremony, so you must agree any choices with the appropriate Superintendent Registrar beforehand. We can provisionally book your ceremony at the Register Office up to 18 months in advance. Please note, we do ask for a non-refundable deposit when the booking is made. On the day of your ceremony, please help us and other couples who are being married on the same day by arriving at the Register Office fifteen minutes before the ceremony is booked to start. We do not want to rush your ceremony, so please ensure you and your guests arrive on time. Remember there may be traffic delays or a photo call before the ceremony. 3 Your When You Arrive Two Registration Officers will attend your ceremony. One Registration Officer is responsible for ensuring that all the information entered into the marriage register is correct on the day. He or she will see you and your partner in private to check the details which will be recorded in the register and on your marriage certificate and will collect the fee. You may indicate whether you wish to be seen together or separately. The second Registration Officer will be conducting the ceremony. He or she will show your guests into the ceremony room and will then return to see you both. The Registration Officers will be happy to answer any last minute questions you may have about the ceremony or any of the arrangements. Your guests are very welcome to take photographs before and after the ceremony. For safety reasons, we cannot allow extra lighting and all the recording equipment must run on batteries. Please remember there may be other couples getting married on the same day, and in order to keep the Registration Office attractive and tidy, please ask guests to wait until you are outside the building before showering you with confetti!