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photos: www.anneparkerphotography.co.uk Renewal of vows Renewal of Vows Ceremonies Renewal of marriage vows ceremonies are often associated with a special wedding anniversary, such as tenth, twenty-fifth etc, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. The ceremony is put together by you! Just as no two married couples are the same, no two ceremonies to renew marriage vows will ever be the same. Special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony; your children, guests who were at your wedding and any friends and relatives. For example if you were married abroad, you can renew your marriage vows in a ceremony held for family and friends. You can also ask friends or relatives to witness the signing of the certificate of the event. 21 Only venues that meet current fire and safety regulations and with public liability insurance are suitable to hold a ceremony. The Register Office and Approved Venues, which are licensed for civil marriages, are listed in this brochure and provide excellent locations for renewal of marriage vows ceremonies as these premises are experienced at holding such events. However, private homes are not considered suitable. If you are unsure of the suitability of a particular location please contact Hereford Register Office on 01432 383261. Please note: Neither the renewal of marriage vows ceremony nor any other document issued following the ceremony has any legal status.