Celebrate in Herefordshire - Page 20

Naming Any parent can make the arrangements to hold a Naming Ceremony. You may choose to hold it prior to or following your wedding or civil partnership ceremony. Whether married or not, or from different religious or cultural backgrounds, you can host a Naming Ceremony to celebrate with your family. Ceremonies can also be used to introduce adoptive children and stepchildren into a new relationship and form part of the family bonding with an extended family unit. A Naming Ceremony provides an opportunity to: Welcome the child or children into the family  and wider community. Announce the names that have been chosen,  and maybe give the reasons behind the choice.  ake promises of commitment to nurture and M support the child into adult life. Choose other adults prepared to promise a  special supportive relationship to the child or children. Gather together close family and friends to  celebrate the special occasion. You may choose from a selection of poems and  readings to enhance the ceremony and you can present your child with a special gift to mark the occasion. 19 A Naming Ceremony is a special way to celebrate the birth of a baby, or to welcome adopted children or stepchildren into a family.