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Civil partnerships are exclusively for same sex couples, distinct from a marriage, although civil partners will receive equal treatment as married couples in a wide range of legal matters. Civil Partnerships can be formed in any Register Office, or Approved Venue, with or without celebrations in the form of readings, music and vows. There is no legal requirement to have any form of words or music. Some of the reasons for entering into a civil partnership include: •E  quitable treatment for the purposes of assessment for child support; life assurance; tax, including inheritance tax; employment and pension benefits; inheritance of a tenancy agreement; • A duty to provide reasonable maintenance for civil partners and any children of the family; • Ability to apply for parental responsibility for the child of a civil partner; • Recognition under intestacy rules; • Access to fatal accidents compensation; • Recognition for immigration and nationality purposes; • If one partner dies the other will have the right to register the death. Please contact Hereford Register Office on 01432 383261 for more information. Partnership Any two people of the same sex can register a civil partnership on the condition they are not lawfully married or they are not already in a civil partnership, are over 18 years of age (or able to provide evidence of consent if 16 or 17), and are not closely related. Any couple who wish to enter into a civil partnership will need to attend a local Registration Office in the district where they both live, to give notice of their intent to form the civil partnership. There are certain documents required to be seen by the Superintendent Registrar at the notice stage and include passports for both, if either has been through a form of marriage or civil partnership before, evidence that relationship has ended, i.e. dissolution of partnership, or divorce document or death certificate of previous partner is required. 18