Celeb Styles magazine May/June 2014 - Page 56

10 Celeb Beauty Secrets Revealed Kristin Davis “I’ve done a lot of damage to my skin in the past, which makes me appreciate a great sunscreen now.” There’s no better beauty tip than from Hollywood itself. So Emma Watson “Make-up artist Linda Cantello taught me this tip: If you make a mistake with your mascara, dip a cotton ball into some foundation to remove it and conceal at the same time.” they have stylists and trainers on hand, and always look good in the limelight, but the stars of Hollywood have some beauty secrets of their own too which keep them looking fab at all times. We dug into the Hollywood files and found some must-have beauty secrets revealed by the stars themselves, to help us look just as fabulous as them! And you’ll be shocked by some of them... CatE BlanChEtt “Olive and macadamia oils are really good for your complexion. Put one of them on in the shower and they make your skin zing,” she says, adding “I incorporate them into a homemade scrub with grapefruit juice and sea salt – a beauty trick taught to me by a friend of mine.” taylor sWift “There are tricks I’ve learned from make-up artists on shoots. They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue and sort of press it onto your lips. Then re-apply. It turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.” 56 CELEB STYLES | May / June 2014 |