CCS Documents (publish individually) Tuition Aid Application Instructions

TUITION AID APPLICATION INFORMATION & INSTRUCTIONS General Qualification Guidelines In general, we will use the table below to determine if a family is eligible for some level of tuition aid. Families that believe they are facing extenuating circumstances that they feel should be taken into consideration may submit an application through Smart Aid. An opportunity for families to explain their extenuating circumstance is provided within the application process. These requests will be considered based on the available aid remaining after routine tuition assistance is awarded. Income Limitation Table # of children Maximum Total Gross Family attending Income for Aid Qualification* CCS (PreK-12) 1 $50,000 2 $70,000 3 $90,000 4 $110,000 5 $130,000 6 $150,000 *Total Gross Family Income includes your Adjusted Gross Income as reported on your 2017 Tax Return as well as non-taxable income including: child support, contributions to retirement plans, non-taxable housing benefits and welfare payments or other Federal/State assistance. Tuition Aid & Fundraising Requirement Families who request financial aid will be required through the Smart Aid application process (see below) to include a brief description of how they supported the prior year’s board-sponsored fundraising efforts and how they will be contributing to the board-sponsored fundraising efforts in the year ahead. Timeline Overview 1. Indication of Intent: You must indicate your intention to apply for tuition aid at the time of application for enrollment or re-enrollment. Please indicate this under the “Tuition Assistance” portion of the “Tuition Payment Plan” in this application. A $40 reprocessing fee will be charged for tuition aid requests not indicated on the Tuition Payment Plan at the time of enrollment. 2. Application Submission: All requests for tuition aid must be made by completing the Smart Aid application online, which is accompanied by a $35 processing fee charged to the family directly by Smart Aid at the time of application. All tuition aid applications must be submitted online by May 15 th , or within one week of acceptance, whichever is later. In cases when the online application for financial aid has not been completed by the due date, a Tuition Contract will be generated with no award of financial aid. A $40 reprocessing fee will be charged to create a contract that includes tuition aid and the same amount of tuition assistance may no longer be available at that time. To access the Tuition Aid Application, go to the school’s website at and select Admissions, and then Admissions Information. You can then access the Smart Aid link, which is also available under the Admissions section of our mobile school app. Families may also choose to download the Smart Aid mobile app directly.