CCS Documents (publish individually) 2017 2018 HS Profile

The Cornerstone Christian School 236 Main Street Manchester, CT 06042 Tonya D. Snyder, Principal Tamara Gerhard, Guidance Counselor Phone: 860-643-0792 Fax: 860-647-9291 2017-2018 High School Profile CEEB Code: 070371 Community The Cornerstone Christian School (CCS) is a private, Christian school located in the suburban town of Manchester, a part of the Greater Hartford area. Approximately 25 nearby towns and 40 different churches comprise the Pre-K through Grade 12 student-faculty body. School Founded in 1981, CCS is a non-denominational Christian day school serving grades Pre-K through Grade 12. The K-12 program is dually accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Middle States Association (MSA) and is a state-approved non-public school. The total PreK-12 population for 2017-2018 is 185, with 45 of those students enrolled in Grades 9-12. The high school provides a college-preparatory four-year program. The average high school class size is 11 students (1:8 ratio of high school teachers to students), which fosters close student- faculty relations and a commitment to help students grow personally and academically within a supportive Christian environment. Curriculum There are eight periods offered throughout the week on a rotating schedule permitting seven periods to meet each day. Classes are 49 minutes long. There are four quarters with two semesters to each academic school year. Students are required to complete a minimum of 25 credits to graduate. These include 4 credits of Bible, 4 credits of English, 3 credits of Math, 3 credits of Science, 4 credits of History, 2 credits of Foreign Language, 1 credit of Fine Arts, 2 credits of Physical Education/Health, 1 credit of Business/Vocational Education, and 1 credit of additional electives. The standard courses taken at each grade level are as follows: Grade 9: Grade 9 English, Physical Science, Algebra I, World History I, Spanish I, Computers, Physical Education Grade 10: Life and Teachings of Christ, American Literature, Geometry, Biology, World History II, Spanish II, Physical Education Grade 11: Acts and the Epistles, British Literature, Algebra II, Chemistry w/Lab, U.S. History & Government I, Fine Arts Elective Grade 12: Worldviews, U.S. History & Government II, World Literature, Health, Business Elective Non-weighted courses are graded on a pass/fail basis, which includes: Art Studio, Computers, and Vocational Home Economics. General courses are grades on a standard grading scale and include all non-weighted and non-advanced courses. Advanced level courses are offered with a weighted GPA scale with a multiplier of 1.05 per credit, which includes: Pre- Calculus, Physics, and Calculus. Advanced courses utilize college-level textbooks and instruction. Additional courses/electives offered for credit are as follows: Spanish III, Drama, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Public Speaking: Apologetics, Publish Speaking: Civics, Humanities/Visual Arts, Studies in Leadership, Vocational Home Economics, Physical Education, Varsity Sports, Teacher’s Assistant, Praise Team, and Service. The High School Partnership Program provides qualifying students entering their junior and senior years, who display strong academic ability, the opportunity to take up to two courses each semester, tuition-free, at a local community college. Dual credit is available to students enrolled in this program. Students may choose to apply to participate in the Pathway to Christian Leadership program. Successful completion of the program (minimum of 2 years) is denoted by a designation on the student’s high school diploma. National Honor Society: Juniors and seniors may qualify to be members of the CCS National Honor Society Chapter.