CCS Athletics Expectations of Head Coaches

The Cornerstone Christian School EXPECTATIONS OF HEAD COACHES Each Head Coach at The Cornerstone Christian School is directly responsible to the Athletic Director. The Head Coach will: 1. Ensure welfare and safety of all athletes under his/her direction; teaching the fundamentals of physical conditioning and the game of basketball are critical to this responsibility. This coach and staff should be well versed in the care and prevention of athletic injuries. The Head Coach should have current First Aid and/or CPR certification. 2. Be trained annually in concussion prevention through the school. 3. Ensure that all students are always supervised by an adult during all school-related activities and will not be left unattended, per the school’s safety policies. 4. Coordinate basketball program and while leading, managing and guiding the assistant coach(es). 5. Stay up-to-date with current knowledge and trends in high school basketball. The methods and techniques that are implemented and taught should indicate an understanding of young athletes. 6. Responsible for cleanliness of gym and equipment, coordinating with other coach(es). 7. Responsible for abiding by the rules and regulations of the league and with the school. 8. Work with the Athletic Director to make sure that all participants are eligible – physical exams and insurance forms are on file. Also works with AD and Head of School making sure that academic performance of each athlete is emphasized and that their on and off the court behavior is responsible and conducive to good citizenship and Christian witness. 9. Work for the total athletic program. Maintain a good rapport with the faculty and the athletic staff. He/she should encourage student participation in other sports and activities. 10. Be directly responsible for the inventory of uniforms and equipment at the end of the season and the proper storage thereof. 11. Ensure that keys entrusted to coaches and assistant coaches are to only be used by them for the express purpose of fulfilling their coaching roles. Keys are not to be lent to other adults or students without the written permission of the Athletic Director. 12. Return all keys to the Athletic Director within one week of the athletic season’s close.