CCS Athletics Athletic Team Protocol for Building Teams FINAL

The Cornerstone Christian School Athletic Team Protocol for Building CCS Varsity Soccer Team The following defines CCS’s varsity soccer team: 1) CCS students in Grades 8-12 are invited to register to participate on our varsity soccer team. 2) The CCS soccer team is co-educational and plays many games against other varsity teams that have only male, high school players. 3) Homeschool students in Grades 8-12 are permitted to register to participate on our athletic teams when vacancies exist. CCS does not bolster its athletic teams by taking homeschoolers onto its teams. Instead, CCS provides opportunities to homeschoolers to participate only when space is available. First priority is always given to full-time CCS students when it comes to participation on all of it athletic teams, except as noted below. (Pay-to-play fees are returned in full when there are no vacancies and/or when a student is deemed by the Screening Team as ineligible.) The following guidelines, in sequential order, are to be used when students register to participate on our varsity soccer teams: 1) Students who complete the registration process will then be evaluated by the Screening Team for eligibility to play safely on the field. The Screening Team shall be comprised of the Athletic Director, the CCS School Chaplain and the MCN Pastor (or his designee), provided that the individual is not serving as a coach for the team. a. Specific consideration will be given to the risks posed to individual students by playing against mature high school teams, many of which are all-male teams. b. Students will be evaluated on their physical limitations and their awareness/concentration skills, both of which are necessary to reduce the risk of injury. c. Those full-time students of CCS who are deemed eligible by the Screening Team will be awarded first chance to secure a spot on the roster. Those deemed by the Screening Team as ineligible to compete will not be allowed to play on the CCS varsity soccer team. (Pay-to-play fees will be refunded in full when the school must make this decision.) d. It may be possible for a select few ineligible players to serve as team managers, allowing them to participate in sections of the practices as the coach deems appropriate. Managers will not pay participation fees, nor will they likely be able to travel with teams to away games. 2) The varsity soccer team will be comprised of 15-20 team members. Adopted by the CCS Board, March 2016