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likely to be her primary code based on Holland’s theory? a. realistic 2. Nancy completed the Self-Directed search and found that her summary code was EAS. Which career is most compatible with her interest areas? 3. Which of the following describes a strength of interest inventories? 4. Meghan is using the Career Maturity Inventory with one of her high school students. What is she most likely assessing for? 5. Which of the following statements about employment interviews is true? 6. Which of the following questions is recommended for interviewers to ask in career assessment? 7. Government agencies often use tests to assess potential employees’ ___________________. 8. Which of the following personality inventories is NOT typically used in career assessment? 9. An agency director assesses how applicants would perform on tasks that are very specific to the position to which they are applying. Which of the following assessment tools would be most helpful? 10. Which of the following people is most likely to participate in an assessment center evaluation?