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7) When the researcher interprets the reliability coefficient, the closer the score is to 0,: 8) ___________________________ is a threat to validity that implies that a test is too narrow and fails to include important dimensions or aspects of the identified construct. 9) When discussing the relationship between reliability and validity, which of the following is true? 10) Validity coefficients greater than _________ are considered in the very high range. 11) _________________ is calculated by correlating test scores with the scores of tests or measures that assess the same construct. 12) The ______________ is characterized by assessing both convergent and discriminant validity evidence and displaying data on a table of correlations. multitrait-multimethod matrix 13) The goal of factor analysis is to 14) According to Messick (1989), consequential validity includes 15) The best source of information and critical reviews about commercial tests is the: 16) To purchase a(n) ____________ instrument, a practitioner must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human services, education, or related disciplines; training or certification relevant to assessment; or practical experience in t RW6Rb76W76V@7G'VVG2