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2. Which of the following statements about feedback sessions with parents is TRUE: 3. Sally’s parents are upset about her performance on a battery of tests. The examiner explains to the parents that tests measure only a sample of behav ior at a particular time, that scores are not fixed–they can go up or down from year to year, and that Sally’s score may be low because she is simply not skilled in the area measured by the particular tests. What important area of understanding does this particular discussion address? 4. The objective(s) of the written assessment report is to? 5. Within the context of writing assessment reports, the use of “understandable language” refers to? 6. What is the critical factor in the examinee’s acceptance of test results? d. The examinee’s previous experiences with the process of testing & assessment 7. Which statement is NOT included in the American Counseling Associations ethical emphasis on assessment: 8. Although the American Psychological Association no longer uses a system for test user qualification, some publishers still do. According to the classifications, a test user who has earned a bachelors degree in education may be classified as: 9. As a test administrator, one advantage to using internet- based assessments is: 10. Which of these statements is NOT a modification for individuals with disabilities developed by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990?textbook.