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How would you describe her overall level of achievement based on her scores on the WJ III ACH? How would you interpret the comparison of Gayle’s CogAT scores to her WJ III ACH scores? How would you interpret Gayle’s scores SRBCSS on the Creativity and Musical subtests? Based on Gayle’s scores, she is not accepted into the gifted and talented program. Why was she not accepted? Write a letter to the Gifted Program Administrator appealing this decision. In your letter, make sure you reference all the relevant assessment about Gayle, including her academic grades, scores on the assessment instruments (e.g., WJ III ACH, CogAT, and the relevant SRBCSS subtest scores) as well as any other evidence related to evidence related to creative, artistic, or music ability. =========================================== CCMH 535 Week 6 Quiz FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Week 6 1. Answer the following multiple-choice questions based on your readings for this week.