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unkempt, but was cooperative and friendly. The client was aware of date, time, and place, and reported no hallucinations or delusions.” All of the following MSE categories were noted in this excerpt EXCEPT: 5. Rachel presents with the following symptoms: excessive worry, constantly feeing “tense,” and sleep disturbances. She further reports smoking marijuana occasionally to help her relax. Which combination of tests would probably be most appropriate as part of Rachel’s initial clinical assessment? . 6. Why is it crucial for mental health professionals to be skilled in Suicide Risk Assessment? 7. Jim is considered a high-suicide-risk client. He is single, suffers from depression and alcoholism, is giving away prized possessions, is lonely and isolated, and has a family history of suicide. Which of these factors is considered a warning sign for suicide? 8. A ______________________is a neurological disorder that severely impairs children’s ability to learn or to demonstrate skills in several academic areas 9. The ___________________________identifies students as learning disabled when there is a significant difference between their scores on an ability test and their scores on an achievement test. 10. The __________________is a comprehensive, multistep method of identifying students with SLDs in which services and interventions are provided to at-risk students at increasing