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How would you respond to the psychiatrist’s question (is Nicholas is doing as well as he claims he is doing)? What would you recommend to Nicholas and his psychiatrist? =========================================== CCMH 535 Week 5 Quiz FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 1. The key function of clinical assessment is to _________________. 2. More than one mental disorder may be listed on Axis I. Which of the following combinations of diagnoses are appropriate for Axis I? 3. Tom is a counselor conducting an interview as part of his client’s, Henry, clinical assessment. Tom asks a list of standardized, predetermined questions about Henry’s family background information about parents, siblings, divorces, grandparents, etc. When Henry answers “yes” to a question regarding a family history of mental disorders, counselor Tom decides to ask Henry additional questions, and they talk about this matter for around 5 minutes. What type of interview strategy is Tom most likely using? 4. The following is an excerpt from Tom’s written MSE of a new client: “The client presented as somewhat disheveled and