Catshack Reports Media 2013 2013 - Page 5

Advertising in videos and live paintball broadcasts has never been more important! New players are turning to YouTube for advice, tips, and tricks to better their game. We have the ability to take you to the next level by placing your products in front of a LIVE audiance. Yep, LIVE. This means people around the world are watching the show as it happens. Oh, did we mention we also broadcast in Europe on an actual TV station? Well, we do and we are going to put you there too.

All Catshack Reports videos will feature your company in the opening credits and display your company logo during entire video. Minimum 35 videos per year

Weekly live broadcast followed by posting on YouTube. Your company will be featured in the opening credits of each Catshack Reports segment.

6 Television Episodes in the UK and Europe. Your company will be featured for a total of 20 seconds of your choosing (per episode) in each Catshack Reports segment. Slots can be a minimum of 5 seconds.

$350 per calendar year

$500 per calendar year

$800 per season

Reaching your target market is important and also brings you the highest possible return on your investment. Advertising on television can cause people to pull out their smart phones or tablets and search your products immediately. Those are the people we target.

TV, Tube, and Stream. The Catshack Triple Pack combines the most effective advertising we have to offer into one solid marketing plan that fits your needs and hits your target...every time.