Catch & Release - GOJ/GEF/IDB Yallahs Hope Project Catch & Release Volume 1: July - December 2016 - Page 3

The project sites are located in the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Andrew in the Yallahs and Hope River Watershed Management units respectives. The works are being conducted above the National Water Commission (NWC) intakes at Gordon Town in St. Andrew and River Head in St. Thomas.

The project will do three main things:

- Engage key stakeholders to promote better management of the watershed management units to support the restoration and growth in the its plants, animals and organisms.

- Create monetary incentives (biodiversity schemes) in selected project sites to support and manage the areas' natural resources.

- Work with residents to develop alternative livelihoods in areas such as agricutlure, forestry and land management practices that will enhance and support the natural environment and related resources.

The projetc is funded by the Global Envrionment Facility (GEF) through the Inter-Anerican Development Bank (IDB) at US$3,909,441. The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has also contributed US$5,534,830 in cash and kind.