Catch & Release - GOJ/GEF/IDB Yallahs Hope Project Catch & Release Volume 1: July - December 2016 - Page 13


Project Coordinator

A farmer in her own right, Nelsa English-Johnson jumps at every opportunity to get out in the field and meet the people whose lives she is working to improve.


Checks-and-balance personified, Joan Wilson-Kelly will stop at nothing to get your cheques signed and the monies disbursed.

Procurement Officer

From a pin to an anchor, Christine Orgill works with suppliers to ensure the tools we need are what we receive. Her calm countenance is a great cover for the tedious process which she oversees.

Communication Specialist

Known to the team as 'Happy', Patrice Gilpin is charged with using the most effective media to 'engage' and 'get the word out'.

Transportation Officer

Cool as a cucumber, Jermaine Blackwood takes on the roads high and low. The narrow and winding journey which would leave many in fear is no match to this driver.

The superb facilitators of RADA go above and beyond the call of duty