CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 60

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 58 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 59 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL FAQ Are the  ourses approved by industry? c All courses offered by CATC are nationally recognised and have been put together with extensive input from industry. We’ve had input from different sectors of the Graphic Design, Photo Imaging and Interior Design and Decoration industries in the form of an Advisory Committee. Regular reviews and new course development are conducted in consultation with the Course Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC provides us with feedback on the relevance of what is being taught at CATC in such areas as technological changes and trends within the industry sector. All teaching staff at CATC have extensive industry experience and many currently work within their industry to keep up-to-date with their professional development requirements. Can I apply for VET FEE Help for CATC courses? YES – all CATC Diplomas are VET FEEHelp enabled (domestic students only). How do I know if I am eligible to receive Austudy payments? All CATC courses are eligible for Austudy. You will need to contact Centrelink to find out the eligibility criteria and study guidelines that relate to you. I have previously studied and/or worked in the design field. Can I receive credits for things that I have done? If you can demonstrate competency in any of our units of competency, you can apply for Course Credit. Refer back to the ‘Entry Requirements’ section of this course guide for further information on our RPL process. Is it hard to get in? The application process is not a competition; applicants are considered on an individual basis to ensure that the course is suitable to their particular needs and skills. How will I be assessed? Assessment is through design projects, research projects, group work and presentations. Remember that in vocational diplomas, you will not get a grade. You will be marked either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC) and your lecturers will provide you with feedback. This is exactly like industry, where the client will either accept your work or not and will give you feedback on it. What materials and equipment do I need? Computers and software Interiors and graphics students studying on campus need a specially organised CATC art kit. This kit is heavily discounted and contains all the equipment you’ll need to get started. Of course if you already own a lot of art equipment you can view the art kit list and purchase what you haven’t already got. It’s important you have the same or similar equipment to the art kit list as it’s what we use to teach you the core skills. Art kits cost between $200 and $500. Students studying on campus will be required to have their own laptop throughout their studies. A full list of hardware and software requirements can be obtained from your Course & Career Adviser. Photo Imaging students will require a Digital SLR camera with full manual settings plus a lens kit. Specific photography equipment such as a tripod, reflector and card readers and other materials are also needed. Each course also has its own software requirements. These are constantly updated accordingly to changes in software versions or industry requirements. Your Course & Career Adviser will be able to provide you with the most up to date information and complete list of materials. Are the courses accredited? Yes – CATC Diploma Courses are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The curriculum, including assessment methods will enable the achievement of the required competencies. NEEDED