CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 30

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL 28 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 29 Graduate Spotlight SARA SMITH Designer, Little Peach Co. With a background in public relations and marketing, Sara was feeling the itch to upskill and further develop her eye for design. A creative thinker for as long as she can remember, she had always felt inspired to document her experiences through imagery, seek out new cultural experiences, and play with hand-lettering. After moving to Brisbane from the US and discovering CATC, Sarah knew it was time to take her artistic urges to the next level. As Sara explains, “I had taught myself a little bit of Illustrator and Photoshop and was soon picking up design projects along the way. It wasn’t until I realized that design was a true passion - and could be an amazing addition to my marketing experience - that I decided to pursue a design course full-time.” Coming to CATC as an international student gave Sara the chance to connect to a vibrant creative community. She quickly made close friends who inspired her and pushed her to collaborate and think outside the box. She says she also benefited from CATC’s career preparation course and the close mentoring she received from her lecturers. “I was guided step-by-step about how to present myself in an authentic way and learned all the nittygritties about entering the design industry or starting my own freelance business.” By the time Sara graduated she was completely prepared for the next new and exciting chapter in her life. “I left CATC with a personal brand identity, a working website, resources to create my own briefs and invoices, work experience that led to a full-time position, and most importantly, the confidence to back myself. There’s no doubt that CATC has given me a significant competitive advantage in the design industry.” Sara now works at Little Peach Co. – a boutique vintage letterpress studio – where she designs custom stationery pieces and regularly explores the concept that graphic design can make complex messages digestible for everyone. “It’s a unique challenge but good design can seamlessly communicate. I cherish solving these riddles in my everyday work.” Sara encourages new students to immerse themselves in life at CATC. “Some of the events I attended really invigorated me and helped me realize that you don’t have to ask permission to be creative and create new and interesting things. I discovered that all the artists and designers I admire had humble beginnings that required ridiculously hard work and self-belief. It’s always so inspirational to hear about those journeys.” “ t’s a unique I challenge but good design can seamlessly communicate. I cherish solving these riddles in my everyday work.” CATC DESIGN SCHOOL