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CATC DESIGN SCHOOL COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 22 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 Graphic Design CATC DESIGN SCHOOL 23 Career Outcomes As a graduate, you’ll be equipped for a role as a graphic artist, designer or illustrator within specialist multimedia companies, design studios, print and publishing houses, marketing and promotions companies, educational institutions, government departments, stop animation or audio visual/ video production companies. Grads often find work in graphic design and advertising companies as concept designers with interactive gaming companies, industrial design companies (visualisation), information design companies, electronic publishing companies, desktop publishing companies and magazine publishing. Start a career in: • Graphic Design • Junior Art Direction • Brand and Identity Design • Illustration and Concept Art • Packaging Design • Corporate Design • Advertising Design • Magazine Design • Computer Finished Art Diploma of Graphic Design CUV50311 INTAKES: There’s never been a better time to study graphic design at CATC Design School. 20122013 saw the launch of our new curriculum, which was put together by some of the leading minds of Australian graphic design. The curriculum now offers the most upto-date industry competencies needed by today’s graphic designer. Along with your traditional subjects in elements and principles of art, design and typography, there are innovative subjects exploring industry trends, new media and career planning. The Diploma ensures you complete your qualification with a solid knowledge base and preparedness for industry1. Graphic design influences almost everything we see, with effective communication and creative thinking consistently topping the ‘must have’ lists of potential employers. The world needs more creative thinkers and graphic designers are perfectly situated to answer this call. ADVERTISING 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time We like to focus on what you bring with you as well as your life experiences and opinions. This way we are able to cater the learning to fit your perspective and allow you to follow your interests further. Develop professional illustrations DURATION: The way in which we teach is also innovative and intuitive, focused on discussion and context to enable you to understand the many directions your career could take2. ILLUSTRATION Full-time, Part-time, on-campus, online Head of Academic Studies, Graphic and Communication Design Develop graphic designs for branding and identity AUSTRALIAN STUDENTS: MATT LEACH SYMBOLS AND BRANDING On-campus: February, May, September Online: 7 intakes each year Create mass print media advertisements Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills OVERSEAS STUDENTS: Full-time on-campus LOCATION: All campuses CRICOS CODE: 076751K VISUAL COMMUNICATION Research visual communication history and theory Develop and extend design skills and practice DRAWING AND COLOUR Refine drawing and other visual representation tools Research and apply light and colour DESIGN SOFTWARE TYPOGRAPHY Billy Blue College of Design is another such school and all of our students can continue their studies with a full one year credit into their two year associate degree and three year degree program in Communication Design and Interior Design. See the Study Pathways page for more information. There are so many different jobs that fall under the graphic design umbrella. Take a look at a cereal box next time you’re having breakfast and try and count all the things that have been designed on it (logo, graphics, box design, the fonts, barcode, the recycling icon to name just a few). Then there is the advertising for the cereal and the shop that you bought it in. The other great thing is the skills learnt can be applied in many other careers, making you a better communicator and creative thinker. 2 Produce graphic designs for 2-D and 3-D applications PUBLISHING Design and manipulate complex layouts DESIGN INDUSTRY Develop graphic design practice to meet industry needs WEB Develop complex web page layouts Create and manipulate graphics 1 FINISHED ART Produce typographic design solutions PACKAGING Refine 3-D design ideas and processes INTERACTIVE MEDIA Author interactive media CAREER PREPARATION Present a body of own creative work Provide services on a freelance basis SPECIALISATION Extend expertise in specialist field