CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 20

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 18 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 19 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL Student Awards The creative process is a difficult one to pin down. It can sometimes be a lot of hard work and it can certainly be a lot of fun. We know it when we see it and we know that when it works, it’s immensely satisfying. We also believe that creativity and success can be measured and recognised in a myriad of different ways. To reflect this, we have a number of Awards, each of which recognises and celebrates success in a number of significant areas. The diversity of our Awards is also their strength. This is really important for us because we know that there are many pathways to successful and rewarding careers in the creative industries. The Awards are not listed in any order of priority. We’re as proud to give them as we hope the winners are to receive them. Winners of the Da Vinci Award and the Square Peg Award are selected by our teachers. Winners of the Push Award are selected by their classmates. The winners of the Fibonacci Award are selected by people from industry and the winners of the People’s Choice Award are selected… you guessed it… by the people. The People’s Choice Award This Award is exactly what it says it is. Everyone attending one of our Graduate Exhibitions is invited to vote for their favourite piece of work. At the risk of stating the obvious, the student with the most votes is the winner. It was first launched at our Gold Coast campus and proved to be so popular that it’s now included with our other Awards at all our campuses. Although it’s a lot of fun, it’s actually not as indulgent as it might appear. It’s a strong reminder to all of us that if our work is to be successful, it has to survive under the (sometimes critical) gaze of public scrutiny. The Square Peg Award Being creative is very much about finding the right solution and sometimes it takes a lot of searching and experimenting before you find it.This award goes to those students who don’t give up, but instead keep looking for the big ideas - the thinkers. The world needs more thinkers. The Push Award The Fibonacci Award This Award is named after the 12th century mathematician who established the only shape known to man whose ratio of proportions remain exactly the same irrespective of size – a ratio that amongst other things gave the world one of the foundations of aesthetics. We use these proportions every day in the form of A4 paper. The Award recognises and celebrates students who inspire their teachers and stop them in their tracks with their imagination and creativity. The Da Vinci Award AWARDS their studies looking like a deer caught in the headlights, but who have quickly grow in skills and confidence, and who have shown no signs of slowing down. Named after the man himself who started from very humble beginnings and went on to become perhaps the greatest and most inventive artist ever. This Award is given to students who may have started The creative process is more often than not all about teamwork. Very rarely will you start and finish a job working solely by yourself. This Award celebrates students who consistently go out of their way to support and motivate other students. These are the Creative Directors of the future. The Professional Encouragement Award As much as design and photography are all about creativity, they’re also businesses and you’re never going to get anywhere without being professional. This Award encourages those students who act in a professional way throughout their studies. These students are going to do well when they start working because people will want to work with them.