CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 16

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL 14 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 15 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL Explore our campuses Melbourne Gold Coast Our Melbourne campus opened in 2011. The interior fit-out was designed especially for us so it’s completely custom built, with plenty of space spread out over three floors. We share the space with our sister college, Billy Blue. The campus is located close to the heart of the city at the Spencer Street end of Little Collins Street. What can we say about the Gold Coast that you can’t already imagine? It’s warm, laid back and couldn’t be closer to the beach if it tried. It’s Australia’s sixth largest city and its fastest growing. The feeling on the campus is a creative ‘buzz’. Mimicking the world that awaits beyond graduation, students studying photography, interior design and graphic design mingle and share innovative ideas and projects. The campus is easily accessible by bicycle or on foot, is a short walk from Southern Cross Station which is part of the city loop. Trams also run along Spencer Street and there are commercial car parks nearby. We’ve mentioned this before but one of the great things about having five campuses is you can choose where you’d like to study. This includes being able to move to another campus during your studies if you feel like a change. We’re located in Southport just up from Surfers Paradise. The campus is designed around open plan studios1. Like everything else on the Gold Coast, it’s colourful, light and airy. It’s really easy to get to by bus or car or bicycle and is close to Gold Coast beaches. In terms of student numbers it’s our smallest campus, which gives it a special sense of community and keeps it very relaxed - pretty much in keeping with how everything else is on ‘the coast’. 1 By studios we mean they’re big open plan spaces as opposed to traditional classrooms. In other words it’s a bit more like working in the industry. ALL OVER