CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 12

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 10 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 11 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL Why choose us We’ve already talked a bit about vocational education and why it’s important to us, but there is a whole bunch of things to consider when you’re thinking about where to study. It’s a big decision. We believe our Diplomas provide the best foundation study there is – an intensive and focussed learning experience that’s completely centred around practicing, making and doing. But there are quite a few things to think about when it comes to choosing where to study design or photography. You’ll find out a lot more as you keep reading this course guide. But to start with, it’s all about you We’ve said this before and it’s true. It starts with our selection criteria. You don’t need a qualification to enrol in any of our courses. If you’ve already got a qualification or had some industry experience that’s great, but what we’re really interested in is you, your individual creativity, and what you’re looking to get out of your studies. We’re excited about what our students bring to CATC and we actively support the idea that life’s experiences and cultural diversity should be part of the building blocks of you becoming a designer or a photographer. Industry relevance The whole point of learning about design or photography with CATC is to exercise your practical skills and creativity ready for work in the industry. It’s really important to know what the industry standards are so that you understand what employers are looking for and what your future clients expect. To get this, you need two things. You need to study a course that’s industry relevant and you need teachers who come from industry so they know what they’re talking about. We’ve got both these things well and truly covered. First up, all our courses are fully accredited and nationally recognised. But that’s really only the formal housekeeping. What’s really important here is that they’ve all been put together with a great deal of input from some of the leading people in graphic design, interior design and photography. Each discipline has its own specialist course advisory committee which meets on a regular basis. These committees include some of the leading practitioners in their field, so our courses remain contemporary and industry relevant. We also make sure we engage with local designers and photographers. We sometimes go to their studios. We sometimes have them in to give talks, and we certainly involve them in our Graduate Exhibitions and industry events. “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on” ALBERT EINSTEIN Secondly, as we’ve mentioned before, all our teachers come from industry. With diverse industry background our teachers provide you with first-hand experience of what it’s like to work as designers or photographers. They absolutely know what you’ll need to know so you can take on the world knowing you’re as ready for it as you can be1. A lot of ‘knows’ but studying with us means you’ll get to know a great deal of industry relevant stuff. 1 CHOOSE