CATC Course Guide 2014-2015 - Page 10

CATC DESIGN SCHOOL 8 COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 We are flexible We said at the start that a 30-year history wasn’t what really excites us. That’s only because we’ve never really thought of history as being ‘exciting’. We started doing what we’re still doing now in 1982 and we’re pretty proud of that. We think it makes us one of the oldest privately owned design schools in Australia. We also referred to our four campuses – although as we’ve already said, it’s really five if we include our online students whose campus might be their kitchen table – either way its about flexibility. One of the benefits of studying with us is that even if you live in Melbourne you have the opportunity to study on the Gold Coast for a while if that is your wish. We also understand that you have a number of demands, which is why we provide flexible study options. We have multiple intakes and offer full-time, part-time or online study options. And even if you’re studying with us full-time, our hours give you a great deal of flexibility to help you manage your time. WE ARE COURSE GUIDE 2014-15 9 CATC DESIGN SCHOOL