CATALYST - WINTER 2019 Volume 2 No 1 - Page 7

nprofits are creating in Georgia. Critical Health Many homeless people also experience some type of personal vulnerability that places them at greater physical risk. Medications to manage health conditions are often stolen, lost, or compromised due to rain, heat, or other factors. Healthcare Georgia Foundation recognizes the critical link between housing and health outcomes. When people have stable housing, they can spend more time managing their health, making time for doctors’ appointments, and adhering to medical advice and directions. CaringWorks, a Foundation grantee, is one of several agencies in metropolitan Atlanta working to provide comprehensive supportive housing services to the city's homeless population, one person or family at a time. “Our clients are more than their circumstances, and we help them find the opportunities they need to reach their potential,” said CaringWorks CEO Carol Collard. “We’ve discovered through our own research that the average person experiencing chronic homelessness has a 30-year shorter life span.” “Homelessness alone is hard to navigate,” said Barbara Peters, CaringWorks Director of External Affairs. “Then imagine the frustration and stress of difficulty hearing ACHIEVING HEALTH EQUITY FOR ALL 7