Catalyst: Junior Secondary Curriculum GGS_CatalystBroch2018_HiQ - Page 8

Discovery Courses Students also have the opportunity to study a wide range of Discovery Courses. Discovery Courses are arranged into specific learning banks, providing significant choice across a broad range of disciplines. Courses have been developed with student interests in mind. Year 7 and 8 Students undertake two semester-long Discovery Courses from the list below: Year 7 Discovery Courses Year 8 Discovery Courses Astronomy Chinese X Music Media Comfort Zone Challenge Chinese Y Small Business Project Dance Ethics in Sport Sports Science Freestyle History French X 3D Modelling Media Film Production French Y Visual Arts Robotics History of the Universe Year 9 Students undertake four semester-long Discovery Courses from the list below: Year 9 Discovery Courses Chinese X French X Chinese Y French Y Computer Science Music Exploration Creative Photography Media Production and Analysis Design for Wood Sports Science Drama Visual Arts Engineering 8 STRIVE (English Advanced)