Catalyst: Junior Secondary Curriculum GGS_CatalystBroch2018_HiQ - Page 6

A love of learning for life To be successful in the 21st Century requires skills that previous generations never imagined. Schools, skills and learning as we have known them to this point, are 19th Century inventions driven by the needs of an industrial economy. Today the landscape is significantly different; technological advances, globalisation and the ‘knowledge revolution’ have transformed our world. To be successful today we believe students need a suite of transferable skills that will enable them to adapt and contribute to this changing world. We call these skills the Catalyst BIG Skills, comprised of: • Literacy and numeracy • Critical thinking and problem solving • Teamwork and collaborative learning • ICT competence • Accessing information - research Cassius “Despite being a student who typically gravitated towards mathematics and the sciences, The Catalyst Progra V&VBRFW&RvFR&vR`FW"fVG2֖vBBfRW7Vǒ6WFVBFr6v2&RFvFRFW&W7B7V&V7G27V626W6RwVvRV6֖72BƗF72F&VR7V&V7G2v6r66Rג'2BVfW'6GFR&W7BGf6P6vfR2FvWG6FRW"6f'BR&6WfW'672vF6FfR֖G6WBB&RW6FVB&WBFBR6V&( Ф676W2Х666F#``