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Ben Year 7 My 2017 Discovery Courses were Technology and Material Studies, Comfort Zone Challenge, Robotics and Systems Engineering Studies. I selected them because I wanted to do wood work and something hands-on. In Year 6 I thought I would like to do Robotics as a career, but after doing the Discovery Course I changed my mind! This year I have learned how to use a drill press and a band saw, how to take effective notes, how to program an EV3 robot and how n ot to glue my fingers together! Catalyst has helped me to understand what to expect as I move through the years. Ben – Year 7 STRIVE English (Advanced) STRIVE HASS (Advanced) STRIVE Science (Advanced) Cooper Year 9 For Year 8 I selected courses that I thought would be good for me as I was still discovering what I wanted to do and what I enjoyed. I selected Small Business Project, Robotics, Media Studies and Technology and Material Studies. I studied Robotics and Media Studies in Year 7 and enjoyed them, so elected to study them further this year to deepen my understanding. I enjoy the hands-on activities and the problem-solving skills that are involved in Robotics and Systems Engineering, and the fact that these courses can help me in m H]\HYY\H][XX[^\Y[K][\]\YHHYHXHو\\[XH[ܝ[]Y\^\[Y[]^HX\˂\8$YX\BL