Catalogue "L'OEIL ECOUTE" CATALOGUE-ENG-2018 - Page 25

CARAVAGGIO Supper at Emmaüs 1606. L'OEIL ECOUTE Flesh 2018, Tbilisi. CARAVAGGIO Supper at Emmaüs 1601. Fresh food, silk, wood, flesh, copper, glass. Video on 4 screens, tapestry, assemblage, performance, music creation, perfume To study human passions Caravaggio always immersed himself in real life situations and produced pictures of terrible naturalism, astonishing melancholy. The idea of the curating is to connect the aesthetics of the rough lifestyle of Georgian villages with the masculine culture prevailing in Caravaggio’s paintings. Here, you will observe Caravaggio's characters today through the male ritual KEIPI (Georgian: ქეიფი). The depiction of Christ is unusual in that he is beardless and androgynous. The intensity of the emotions of Christ's disciples is conveyed by their gestures and expression. The viewer too is made to feel a participant in the event. Following this process, the audience enters barefoot and takes part to this dinner. They observe this transgender Christ surrounded by female disciples of Christ singing only songs for by men. We created 8 versions of the Supper at Emmaüs (1601) and 2 versions of the Supper at Emmaüs (1606) Music creation inspired by Antonio Allegri OE20151601-1 /  OE20151601-2 / OE20151601-3 / OE20151601-4 / OE20151601-5 / OE20151601-6 / OE20151601-7 / OE20151601-8 /  OE20181606-1 / OE20181606-2