Catalogue "L'OEIL ECOUTE" CATALOGUE-ENG-2018 - Page 18

FRIDA KAHLO Raizes ( Roots) 1943, Mexico. L'OEIL ECOUTE The inner wild forest 2018, Mexico. Oil, painting. Fresh flowers and roots, silk. E-textile (lights connected to the breath of performer), embroidery, weaving, performance, electronic music, perfume, live drawings. The artwork is deeply inspired by Frida’s words: "The green miracle of the landscape of my body becomes in you the whole nature. I fly through it to caress the rounded hills with my fingertips, my hands sink into the shadowy valleys in an urge to possess and I'm enveloped in the embrace of gentle branches, green and cool. I penetrate the sex of the whole earth, her heat chars me and my entire body is rubbed by the freshness of the tender leaves." Inspired by Raizes (The roots), Frida Kahlo, 1943 Electronic music inspired by sound of plants, by the composer Loïse Bulot. OE20181943-1