Catalogue "L'OEIL ECOUTE" CATALOGUE-ENG-2018 - Page 12

PICASSO Les Baigneurs  (The Bathers) 1956, Cannes. Bronze Sculpture L'OEIL ECOUTE Totemic dance 2015, Paris. Iron, copper, wood. Sculpture, assemblages, collages, engraving, performance, music creation, perfume. In the 1950s, when Picasso goes on the Garoupe beach in Antibes, he sees swimmers walking, playing, running, before diving into the sea, and their shadows stand out in the blinding light of midday.The shadow is the starting point of the artistic process of the sculpture the Bathers. In order to disturb the observers perceptive marks, OE does not limit itself to stimulate the eye, but we also translate the technique of Assemblages in the hearing and the smell to enrich the reading we can have of the sculptured group. Music creation inspired by Stimmung - Karlheinz Stockhausen, 1968   OE20161956-1