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EDP Numbering System for Positive Identification - Order Entering - Inventory Control - Cataloging UPC Coding - Available on Request (only certain brands) Tennessee Hickory Handles presents an EDP numbering system which positively identifies the Type, Style, Length and Brand of handle, plus other information, in a simplified form. This system will eliminate errors, misinterpretations and is a timesaver. Its use is suggested for Purchase Orders, Catalog Numbers and Inventory Control. The system is compatible with Electronic Data Processing systems. The basic numbers are in the Price List, and the complete number for every handle will appear in the “Item No.” column on each invoice. how it works The entire “Handle Number” is composed of four digits. Hickory Handles have been separated into ten groups as to the TYPE of handle; e.g., Axe, Pick, Sledge, Hammer and Hatchet, etc. These groups are numbered from 1,000 to 10,000. The “Thousands” number signifies the TYPE OF HANDLE. Each type of handle includes several different STYLES of handles; e.g., Bent Single Bit Axe, Nail Hammer, Machinist’s Hammer, etc. The STYLE OF HANDLE is designated by the “Hundreds” number. By combining the correct “thousands” number with the proper “hundreds” number, the type and style of handle is identified. The LENGTH of the handle is shown by the “Tens” number. The length of the handle in inches composes the last two digits of the entire handle number. BRAND Identification: The entire handle number is followed by a hyphen (or a space) and the BRAND NUMBER. The Brand Number is found in the price list or on Page 2 of this catalog. An additional hyphen (or space) and a number following the brand number denotes the weight of tool with which the handle is used. This is required only on certain handles where the weight of tool is specified. SUFFIXES: “X” denotes Octagon Grip. “S” denotes Small Eye. illustrations 36" VICTOR Double Bit Axe 34" REGENT 6-lb. Napping Hammer Single Bit 28 (Flame Seasoned) 14" DUKE Octagon Nail Hammer Single Bit 28 Single Bit 28" FLAME SEASONED Boy's Axe Single Bit 28 (Flame Seasoned) 8 w w w.t e n n e s seehicko r ypr (Flame Seasoned) 28 (Flame Seasoned)