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Handle Finishes and Grades Genuine American Hickory Replacement Handles Grades & finishes Our striking tool handles are manufactured from genuine American hickory grown in the Tennessee Valley region. Hickory is a natural shock absorber along with excellent fiber strength for tool handles. The color of the wood does not affect the strength or quality of the hickory. The U.S. Forest Products Lab has found no difference in white or red hickory’s strength. Therefore, the best hickory handles may be red, white or a mix. Since hickory is a natural product, traditionally, handles have fallen into different grades according to density, freedom from defects, color and grain. The three basic grades are Grade A, B and C along with subgroups: A A Grade is a top quality prime handles and can be red or white and meet all government specifications for industry, commercial and other professional applications. B B grade is excellent for contractors, ranchers and other professional tradesman along with homeowners who want a top quality handle. C C grade is a grea Ёم