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Our Publishing House was established in 1998 and it’s specialized in co-editions of successful titles for children (for some titles, we reached the 34th edition in 20 years!) in collaboration with prestigious publishing houses from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, England, Malaesia, USA.

The books are printed abroad, in modern printing house – therefore they have a quality corresponding to the European standards – and are sold in the whole country trough networks of book-shops and hypermarkets.

Our main focus is to make books for children with ages from 0 to 7 years, but not beautiful, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL! For this reason, the graphics take a primordial place in our publishing politic. Generally, our books are unique on the Romanian market, in concept, graphic and printing quality.

Now, we print over 30-50 titles in a year. These are books with classical stories or less known, with three-dimensional images, with cardboard pages for the little ones, books with mobile parts and puzzles, books with textile insertions, educative books, ebooks, books with stickers, sounds books, coloring books, etc.

In this digital catalog the books are grouped by age, into collections.

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Eng. Horia CRISAN