CastleGate Magazine June 2014 - Page 9

Lady Soliloque Enoch the Traveler: Tempestas Viator Release date 01/11/2014 Tempestas Viator “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” Genesis 5:29 Enoch, The great Enoch, born into a world as “Lady S is a genuine and bonifide Southern Lady. She is an author who will be the first to tell you that above everything else she is a Geek and a Fan and all Geekie Fans need to have fun! Enoch the Traveler: Tempestas Viator is her 7th published novel and the first in an all new Science Fiction series. For more information on the Lady Soliloque: For more information on Enoch the Traveler:” a stranger, taken out of time to the Caelestis Concilium where he learned all the secrets of creation: the parallel dimensions, parallel worlds, and multitude of universes which make up the multiverse along with all of the races and beings that exist within them. An immortal existence surrounded by the Angelus and a millennia of knowledge, all that ever was and all that ever could be, distanced him from the humanity he was born with and he traveled through creation without purpose or empathy. Ultimately, his loss of humanity and inability to empathize caused a disastrous string of events in various universes and forced the Angelus to put him on trial for his involvement and imprison him. Tempestas Viator is the story of Enoch the Traveler, and of how he finds Violette, who changes the Caelestis Concilium’s ruling and leads him on a journey through the worlds and dimensions of the Multiverse to rediscover that which he has lost. S. L. Partington Author S.L. Partington is most comfortable writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, although she has been known to dabble in other genres as well. Her most recent accomplishments include the publication of her historical novella, The Piper, by Marion Margaret Press. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and is the proud single mother of an amazing grown son currently serving in the Canadian military. While her son is away, she is owned by her feline child, Chirpa. The Assassin Journals: The Cartel Release date 01/15/2014 Gage Brassan, aka The Hunter, the galaxy's deadliest assassin hasn't killed anyone in over a year. He's settled down with his woman and adopted son on the Jaraslad space station. Life is quiet for a change. Until his world begins to unravel. The relationship with Joanna self-destructs and she leaves him, taking his unborn son with her. Then he receives a message telling him of his friend, Kyr's, abduction by The Cartel --the deadliest criminal organization in the galaxy. In the race to rescue her Gage partners with the Araki mercenary, Bane Landryar. But Bane has his own issues with The Cartel--issues that can turn an already complicated mission into something lethal. His family is forced to flee Jaraslad when it explodes in riot. Bane is becoming increasingly unstable and Gage is forced into an unwilling alliance with the enemy. The clock is ticking and, as he attempts to navigate the chaos, the chances of finding Kyr alive grow smaller. One crisis at a time. Drue’s Random Chatter