CastleGate Magazine June 2014 - Page 2

Featured Author Interview Elizbeth Seckman Please tell us a little bit about yourself I’m a bit under tall for my weight, but I blame it on baby boy #4. He’s only fourteen years old…a gal can’t be expected to drop pounds over night. I like to daydream and hang out with imaginary people, some call this writing. I live in a small town in West Virginia and my house is never clean. What were your inspirations for writing or becoming an author? Writing may well be a mental disorder. It’s more like a “why can’t you stop writing?”, rather than “what makes you write?” I mean I would love to be obsessed with a job that earned big bucks, like say lawn mowing. I’d be richer and probably drop the baby fat! Truth is- writers write because they have to…and because it’s a good bit cheaper than booze or therapy. Well, obviously because I say so. I have four boys to raise and I need the money. Seriously though, they are all good books…just ask my mom…she’ll tell you ;) Where can readers find your books? From the World Castle Website, On-line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and All And at the local book and grocery stores if you happen to be in the New Martinsville, WV area. Do you have any book trailers, etc.? I did one for Past Due and everybody loved it…it took the twentieth Facebook liker to notice the video wasn’t running when you hit play. Needless to say, money and time spent and few people took the time to watch, so I skipped that piece of promo for the other two books. I spend most of my promo time blogging ( or Facebooking. Do you have any upcoming events such as book signings, speaking engagements, etc.? I’ll be at the Ohio River Festival of Books ( in Huntington, WV September 20, 2014. I’ll also be planning the launch of my historical novel, Bella’s Point, in July, 2014 signings and parties TBA. Tell us about your Books The Coulter Men Series chronicles the happily-ever-afters of three handsome, affluent brothers. In Past Due, the oldest brother, Tres, runs into a flame from his past and realizes true love may never fade, but it also might not forgive. In Healing Summer, the middle child bad-boy of the family, Craig, has sworn off women and attempts to be a bachelor recluse in the mountains of Montana until chance throws a sweet little morsel in his path. In Fate Intended, Trip, the baby of the family is ready for a more exciting life, so he trades his boring job for black ops and his bitchy girlfriend for a cute cleaning lady…who may be wanted for murder. Why did you write it? I started with Past Due as an anniversary gift to my sister. When the story was done, Craig (that trouble maker!) seemed so sad and lonely that his character cried out, “”What about me? I’m not all bad!” Then when his story was done, little brother Trip was like, “What am I, chopped liver?” So they all have a story. And I thought I was done with the Coulters, until Coulter fans asked for an illegitimate brother, so now I am working on a story for Tanner, the now grown, teen-age son from Past Due. Why should people buy it? Visit Sugarbeat’s Books