CastleGate Magazine June 2014 - Page 19

R. J. Hepner The Brave One Strikes Back Peter begins the investigation believing it will be a mundane job, but the more he learns the more he starts to believe there are forces at work that are beyond his comprehension. Could what seemed like one possible crime in fact be part of a series going back through centuries? Release date 05/01/2014 R. J. Hepner chases history and current events like a NASCAR racing driver. Ancient Egypt, the Persian Empire, and the Roman/Greco period are his favorite pursuits. Through these mediums he draws inspiration for creating a series of Intel thrillers. A dual U.S. & Canadian citizen, he resides in the Okanagan Valley in Northeastern British Columbia with his wife, Marion. Previous occupations included working as a ship chandler salesman, iron shop finisher, shipyard store man, and at a regional Hyundai auto distribution center. He owned and managed two consulting businesses in Newport Beach, California and Vancouver, B. C. During this time he wrote business plans and proposals for Asian entrepreneurs and investors George has unknowingly unleashed an ancient evil ― one that harbors back to darkest days of humanity's last great war. Art Dodek joins an FBI/Homeland Security task force to stop the Somali Brotherhood of Jihad from attacking targeted sites. Teamed with Consuela Mercado, a no-nonsense DHS officer, they clash with militants throughout Los Angeles. Not only chasing terrorists, socalled unit members are pursuing them because the agents discover evidence that their handlers are torturing prisoners and want the Canadian operative eliminated at any cost. The further Dodek becomes involved with the brutal insurgents the greater his risk. Justice is blindsided. Vengeance turns personal. A simple doctor’s visit turns into a disaster when Deputy Sheriff Maria Hinton’s stepdaughter Molly is kidnapped. Josie Ersman escapes a life of deception in America to make a fresh start in Germany. But she soon finds that her new world is more dangerous than the one she left behind. Carrie Dowd sensed murder—she knew how it was done, the circumstances surrounding the person's disappearance, and the turmoil the victim endured.