CastleGate Magazine June 2014 - Page 18

E. G. LANDER E.G. Lander was born in a tiny spec of a town in northern Minnesota called Deer River. He grew up on a fishing resort his parents owned, telling guests, almost as soon as he could talk, about his family of eight, the woods, the local Chippewa Indians, the lakes and the native game. It was there that he realized he would one day be a storyteller, a writer of what he knew and learned as a youngster. He postponed much of that to raise his own family, and build a career to launch him back into writing. He worked his way through college by writing papers for other students, then graduated with a BA in pre-law and political science. From there he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, becoming a teacher and a facilitator of MCI (the Marine Corps Institute). He got married and became a leader for a national retailer, honing his communication and writing skills with speeches and motivational leadership. But he was always dreaming of writing, especially telling stories about families and their ups and downs. Behind the doors of Hull House lurk many shadowy secrets of love, anger, betrayal, and death that have haunted the Hull family for generations. What would happen if women ruled the world and men were nothing but their slaves and playthings? What’s in the Rear View Mirror? Release date 06/01/2014 Steve Summers was loved by everyone in Rymont, South Carolina. He would always be there for anyone who needed help, never asking for anything in return. One unusually dark and moonless night he headed home after helping a friend fix his dock. He squinted, struggling to see the road ahead. Someone driving a big green GMC truck tries to push Billy off the road and puts him in the hospital. He gets help from the Chief of Police, who digs more, getting close to the answers until he is murdered, too. By now all of Rymont has gone from a quiet dot on the map to a place where neighbors locked their doors at night for the first time. Eventually Billy gets help from an unexpected source, leading him to the real truths, both from 50 years earlier and to who is trying to kill anyone looking into those half-century old secrets. Now starts the hard part, getting the sta H