CastleGate Magazine June 2014 - Page 11

Bill Roberts Bill Roberts was born in the south of England. His early career in the printing industry in Fleet Street and the West End of London fired his imagination for the written word. Web of the Eagle Release date 01/15/2014 The turbulent 1860's. America is embroiled in a bloody civil war. In a politically restless Europe, Napoleon 3rd lays plans to establish a foothold in the Americas, an expansion of the French Empire that threatens the stability of the western world. A shadowy figure who calls himself "The Eagle", using the oldest trick in the book, weaves himself a web of influence over the American business and political community, which is powerless to escape his clutches. When his ambitions turn toward Mexico, even Napoleon is drawn into his trap. From the American south-west to industrial New England, from Washington high society to the sweaty slums of New Orleans, the predator expands his empire, immune from the law. But the hunter himself is being hunted by a figure from the past, an avenger with a very personal score to settle. Subsequent travel and a later career in construction while bringing up a family enhanced his skills in storytelling, which thrilled his children and grandchildren over the years. Now retired to the Sussex Coast with Ann, his wife of 50 years, he is indulging his passion for adventure and intrigue. Among his soon to be published works are a short murder mystery, entitled "Days of Wine and Rosie" which has the unlikely setting of a suburban nursing home. Phil Locascio Phil Locascio is the author of several novels including The Sorcerer of Hooterville, The Sins of Orville Sand, The Harbor of Ill Will, The Fragility of Contrition and The Restoration of Josef Mundt. He is also the author of a collection of short stories entitled Howling Hounds. Phil has had dozens of short stories published through the years in various anthologies and magazines. Several of his tales have received Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Phil welcomes comments at The Restoration of Josef Mundt Release date 02/01/2014 The Price of Immortality is Death A young boy's death threatens the future and sanity of a Montana rancher...A terminally ill nurse commits herself to coldblooded murder... A doctor's chance encounter makes him suspect his adopted son may have an identical twin… These seemingly unrelated events lay the groundwork for a tale of deceit and treachery that brings to life a world of the not-so-improbable future where the achievements of man nullify the debilitating effects of age, physical infirmity, disease and even death itself. Led by an aging maniacal genius, a society of wealthy aristocrats band together to realize their egoti 7F