Case Studies Clickimin Leisure Complex

Shetland Recreational Trust invest in sport facilities for the Island Investing in the health of the population by providing the infrastructure to enjoy a healthy island lifestyle is one of the main objectives of the Shetland Recreational Trust (SRT). So, when the local council approved plans for the construction of a new high school across the road from the existing leisure complex, plans for phase four of Clickimin Leisure Developments were initiated. Shetland’s maritime climate—the island is infamous for wet weather and wild, stormy winters, due to its geographical location—resulted in outside pitches being out of action throughout the winter. Even in the summer months, external pitches didn’t provide the ideal training ground for the teams. What they were missing was an indoor football and rugby facility, one that would allow teams to train in textbook conditions, all year round, whatever the weather; thus massively improving the teams’ sporting opportunities and standards. The proximity between Clickimin Leisure Centre and the new School was intentional, with a view to sharing resources so that all sports lessons and matches could take place at the leisure complex— removing the need to build dedicated sport facilities for the school. Funding awarded from both the local council and SportScotland, it was time to start planning the new indoor training facility to complement existing facilities, which comprised a range of external pitches, squash courts, badminton courts, gyms and swimming pools. Although the school had previously utilised Clickimin for some PE lessons, there were concerns that transferring all sporting activities to the centre would put enormous pressure on its ability to timetable both school and public activities. The requirements for the new facility were straightforward: they needed a robust, cost effective, low-maintenance facility which could be built relatively quickly and, crucially, would stand the test of time against the testing island weather conditions.