Carried Away Spring 2015 - Page 8

More dads who babywear Oscar assists Taylor to practice Front Wrap Cross Carry with a demo doll at a meet. Oscar Churchill-Riley “I feel the bond between Arlo and myself is reassured every time we wrap. We are always comfortable and enjoy our time together exploring the markets, working in the garden, taking a walk or even kicking the footy with my mates. I also get some sweet, sweet brownie points for giving Mum a break.” Taylor Allen “I love wearing because it gets me close to my beautiful kids and our bonds grow stronger each day!” 8 carried away | Spring 2015 | Dads who babywear “Babywearing Dads Down Under was started by Tim Ruff and Howie Rogers, simply because we love babywearing! A lot of guys want to be hands-on when their babies are young, but struggle to know how to put that into practice. Babywearing is a practical parenting tool that allows dads to get things done, while bonding with their babies. Our aim for the Facebook page is to showcase the different ways in which dads wear their babies and enjoy fatherhood. Since the beginning of the page we have had a few more dads jump on board the admin team, from both Australia and NZ! We have also recently started a group called BWDDU Mancave, where us men gather to burp, fart and discuss all the cool things about being a dad!” Play dates: bringing you a chest full of treasures to explore and play with in the comfort of your own home. Play guides: free downloadable booklets with creative ways to use toys and games at different ages. More than just a company: ethically-sourced products chosen with love and care by a teacher and a mum. Inspiring natural learning: providing children with beautiful objects that engage the mind and call to the spirit.