Carried Away Spring 2015 - Page 6

“You can’t argue with a thing that has the baby asleep in minutes!” Hugo, 8 weeks Hugo, 3 weeks old, in Didymos Indio Aqcua Dads who babywear “I can take time to pay special attention to my daughter, without neglecting to care for my son or feeling like he’s not seeing enough of me. I feel like becoming a confident babywearer is a gift I am giving to my son, my daughter, my wife, and to myself; a gift that will keep on giving as he grows up in my arms… and on my back.” With Father’s Day around the corner as we go live, we feature Dads who wear in this edition. Piers McCarney writes about his wearing journey and how it enhances his life. I was introduced to babywearing back during the infancy of my daughter Violet, in 2010. In that experience, there were some speed bumps, but they didn’t stop me recognising some of the wonderful positives that could come from it. I remember overheating from using the wrong stretchy wrap for the situation and being flustered with a ring sling that I was sure wasn’t going to hold my daughter properly. However, I also remember being filled with joy at having my little one held so tightly and close to me, the kind of experience that was exclusive to my pregnant wife until that time. 6 I remember feeling pleased to be able to run even simple errands and not feel frustrated at having my daughter there, but rather able to enjoy her company (and showing her off...). Eventually, as she got bigger, I mostly used a structured carrier for convenience and simplicity, b