Carried Away Spring 2015 - Page 24

Behind the chair, from the Chair! BWWA update by Stephanie Stepkowski, BWWA Chair Welcome to the spring edition of Carried Away! BWWA is continuing to thrive as an organisation and is a valuable part of the community. Our Sling Libraries have recently received some amazing new additions, which gives the mums and dads who use the services even more choice of carriers to try. The libraries make it possible for people to experiment with many different carriers to find what suits them best without having the expense of multiple purchases. We have 8 libraries statewide, the largest service of its kind in Australia for our members (join on our website). hold special events to celebrate. All members and the wider community are welcome to attend and participate in this celebratory week. Babywearing Week is an important part of the yearly calendar for our community as it gives us a chance to spend time with special friends. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the wider community the wonderful benefits that babywearing can bring. Finally, this will be the last Carried Away edition for the foreseeable future. Thank you to our awesome volunteer team! Editor, Cat, and Graphic Designer, Delphie of See Creative, are both moving onto new projects. BWWA owes them both a debt of gratitude too big to count for the time and energy that they have put into all of the Carried Away editions. Organisations live and die by the quality of their volunteers and these are two people we have been incredibly lucky to have on our side. I look forward to seeing you during babywearing week! Much love, Stephanie Chairman, BWWA 2015 BWWA EXPO! Saturday October 10, 2015 9am to 5pm NIB Stadium, Perth CBD Planning is in full swing for the BWWA Expo 2015 (join the event here!) coming up on October 10 this year as part of International Babywearing Week . This years theme is ‘Embrace Your World’ and there will be some brilliant activities happening all over the state as metro and regional chapters 24 carried away | Spring 2015 | My Babywearing Journey 25 Behind the chair, from the Chair