Carried Away Spring 2015 - Page 22

My Babywearing Journey This season we hear from Baby Wearers Western Australia volunteer and mother of 3, Katy Geyer. Cot - check, bassinet - check, pram - check… sorted right?! Or so I thought but then we took a trip to Melbourne with our then 3 month old, Isabella. Luckily, a friend lent me her front pack carrier and it was a godsend while travelling as hopping on trams and trains with a pram was a pain. When we got home, I looked into different carrier options as I really loved the closeness it brought between my baby girl and I. Then one of the mums in my mothers group lent me her ergo and, showing what I knew, I faced her forward in it, oops! But once she showed me how to use it correctly, I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is soo comfy!” and I immediately wanted one and so my first carrier was a cute blue floral organic Ergo. 22 From there my obsession grew! When Iz was 5 months old we found out we were expecting again and I was thrilled to be able to carry from newborn with my second child. I got my first woven wrap - a Kokadi Erna im Wunderland - when Izzy was just over 12 months but she never really liked being “up”. When our son, Nicholas was born I got myself to the first meet I could to learn how to carry him and he loved it! I did still use my ergo on occasion but never really found it as comfy as my wrap. Not long after Nicholas was born I was lucky enough to score a custom conversion spot with a new converter, Amy from Chrysalis Tree. She converted a Natibaby Princely Cogs woven wrap into a half buckle with a ring tai waist. I’ve also been lucky enough to have a custom conversion from Maddimoo. Sam converted my Erna (that I dyed blue to look like Ela!). Though half buckles never really took, my obsession with woven wraps did - must try all the wraps! I’ve had many pass through with my beautiful babies: Girasol Dreambis, Didymos FHI, Oscha Coralline, Kokadi Amadeu s, Oscha Starry Nights Midnight, Natibaby Stardust and more. A friend introduced me to the world of handwovens and at first I was not sold as the few I tried I found quite thick and just not my cup of tea. But when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child, another little girl, I really wanted to find something special to have as a keepsake for her. I scoured the local handwoven group and bought a beautiful Cloth of Kin wrap. Although I loved the colours, it was a little short for us and sadly moved on. There are always wraps that came carried away | Spring 2015 | My Babywearing Journey up and sister slots for draw and one day I won! A sister slot on a beautiful rainbow warp (rainbow was my fave!). I asked Cat for some advice on weave and colours; it’s very daunting when it comes to semi-custom handwovens at first! I settled on a pink hearts weave and when it arrived Christmas Eve, oh my gosh it was stunning! It was love at first sight and true love with the first wrap of my then 3week old bubba. When my local babywearing group asked for a new leader I was quick to put my hand up. I thought, “Why not help and share this amazing gift with other mummas?” I’ve never thought of myself as an expert and there are many things I still don’t know but how to carry my baby safely is certainly one of them. I get a lot of mummas asking for advice on SSC (soft structured carriers) which I’m not full bottle on, but most just want to know what their options are as now there are sooo many! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful babywearing community and association in WA that has raised money to supply members with libraries all over WA so that mummas can “try before they buy” which helps make the decision of what carrier to buy much easier. Most of all I enjoy catching up with like-minded mummas and sharing our knowledge and love of all things babywearing. Without babywearing I would not have survived 3 children, 3 and under! It has truly been a godsend. Babywearing allows me to get my housework done, go shopping without too much crying, and the biggest thing - it created an amazing bond with my children. They too like to babywear now and I’m so happy to watch them role play in such a kind and caring way. 23 My Babywearing Journey