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The Stepkowski Solution! Need a double cuddle, handsfree? Talk to Celeste ~ 0407703759 Visit the Babywearing Emporium, Located in Ettalong Beach. Discover your favourite brands online Image by Belle Verdiglione Photography By Stephanie Stepkowski Have you got a baby wearing conundrum? Is there a wrappy question that keeps you awake at night? Need to know whether you should choose linen, cotton, or a blend of baby camel with some alpaca thrown in? Then this is the place for you! Dear Stepkowski Solution, I am hoping you can help me. My wife has mentioned to me that she would like a wrap conversion carrier for a present for our wedding anniversary. I’m pretty sure she has told me what that is before but I’m lost! I can’t ask her because then she’ll know I’m up to something. What size wrap do I need? What are the things I should be looking for in a converter? and most importantly, how do I go about it? Looking forward to some answers please! • Wrap conversions in silent review is a page that might be helpful. Getting a spot is really the hardest part. Most converters will open up spots each month and then do draws for the number of conversions they want to make available. Some are a quickest to comment competition on Facebook. Some are via their website. You really just need to decide on a few that you like and enter, enter, enter! Hope this has helped you a bit, good luck with the stalking! The Stepkowski Cheers Dave Thanks for the great question Dave; I hope that I have enough answers to get you to a conversion spot. A wrap conversion carrier is a carrier that has been handmade from a woven wrap. It can be a mei tai, half buckle or full buckle, with a couple of variations but those are the 3 main op tions. A full buckle conversion requires a size 3 (~ 3.2 m), a half buckle requires a size 5 (~ 4.2m) and a mei tai requires the most, a size 6 (~ 4.7m). If you have a wrap that is a special favourite but not long enough usually the converter will work with you to use what you have and use a complementary and appropriate fabric also. Some converters won’t convert some wraps. Wool and silk are common culprits as are wraps with very open weaves (like some Indios) because when they are cut they quickly fray and are harder to work with. When you are looking at converters: • Look at reviews from other customers. • Ask if they have insurance so you know they are covered. • Try and have a look at some of their work and preferably try on so you know it’s going to be comfy as all carriers and styles suit different people. Leigh is wearing Hazel in an Eridani full buckle wrap conversion made from Girasol Virvatuli (Purple weft). Image by Capturing Adventures. 17 The Stepkowski Solution