Carmudi Monthly 015 - Page 5

This isn't really a new thing to be complaining about. The use of turn signals or indicator lights is bizarre on our roads. Not because people don't always use them (though more often than not, they don't bother), its also this weird idea that by turning on the indica–tor, you can now cross 3 lanes of traffic, pull a U turn and park your vehicle, now blocking an entire lane of cars.

Recently, I had an older gentleman, driving a Nissan Leaf yell at me when he suddenly decided to turn, which resulted in a near collision with my vehicle. His argument? His indicator was on, and you could see from his conviction that he truly believed he was correct in his actions.

So is it just that people don't care about others on the road, or should we look further back, to when people first learn to drive? How many people are taught that you should signal

at least 30 seconds before you need to turn? This may not be the rule, but 30 seconds gives you, and the vehicles behind you enough time to slow down, and react. When I took the test, no one really checked if I bothered to signal, I was just asked to reverse onto an upwardly sloped lane, and then clutch balance. Unless that was some sage metaph–orical wisdom about life that I didn't understand, I don't see how people are supposed to understand the unwritten rules of the road, more often than not, good drivers were taught by good drivers. Maybe stricter laws aren't the answer, maybe its just better teachers.

Rashmi Assiriyage

Managing Director

The Magic of the Indicator: Who is to blame?